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HTTPort overcomes the HTTP proxy for browsing different sites over the Internet
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HTTPort is remarkable software that saves the user from having the impression that Internet is difficult to handle. Using this application, the user can overcome the HTTP proxy for browsing different sites over the Internet. HttPort acts as a remote server by connecting to the PC, which is later intercepted and run through a proxy server. The software works well through all transparent accelerators, firewalls, NATs, all the protocols that support HTTP.

The software via one mode also does tunneling through a proxy. In the connect mode, HTTPort does not require any help for a tunnel, but certain features are needed by the proxy. CONNECT HTTP method is the most important one, which is normally used in disabled mode but enabling it may not be an easy job for the normal user.

The application also features another efficient Remote host method for tunneling that makes use of a special software called HTTHost, which is normally a web server and gets many requests from the HTTPort while tunneling. This functionality of the application is a bit slow; however it is highly secure because of data encryption. It also supports a SSL/CONNECT mode, which is much faster, but encryption can't be used in this mode as the proxy can track all the actions easily.

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  • Overcomes the http Proxy so Internet is not blocked to the user


  • Remote host method rather slow
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